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Step 1

Select any intimate image(s)/video(s) from your device.

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Step 2 will generate a digital fingerprint – called a hash – of the image(s)/video(s) on your device. A hash will be sent from your device, but not the image/video itself. Your content will not be uploaded, it will remain on your device.

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Step 3

If your case is created successfully, you will receive a case number to check your case status – remember to make a note of your case number along with the PIN, to access your case after it is submitted. This is not recoverable.

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Step 4

Participating companies will look for matches to the hash and remove any matches within their system(s) if it violates their intimate image abuse policy.

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Step 5 will periodically continue to look for fingerprint matches on participating websites.

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Step 6

You may use your case number to check the progress on your case at any time or withdraw it.

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